About Structured Settlements

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What Exactly Is a Structured Settlement?

Structured Settlements became popular in the 1970's in the United States as an alternative to a lump sum settlement. The popularity was increased by several rulings by the IRS, along with an increase in personal injury awards and inflated interest rates. The Tax-free advantages introduced by the IRS made structured settlements very popular for settling lawsuits and other misfortunate legal matters without the need of an immediate lump sum payout. While these settlements were intended to ensure a consistent income, they sometimes fall short of being able to cover all of the expenses. In this case, sometimes it is better to sell some or all of the future payments to meet the financial needs of today.

Life Contingent Structured Settlement

A life contingent structured settlement is designed to provide consistent income for the lifetime of the annuitant and is often non transferrable to a beneficiary.

Guaranteed Structured Settlement

Guaranteed Structured settlement payments are usually set for a fixed period regardless of the lifetime of the annuitant. The annuitants estate or other beneficiaries inherit the payments from the annuitant in the event of death. Sometimes there is an increase in the payment amount on an annual basis (Typically 3%) depending on how the settlement was structured.

Selling Your Structured Settlement Payments

There are many options when it comes to getting money now for your structured settlement payments. RightWay Funding can help by offering to purchase your future payments for cash now. A lot of our clients only sell a portion of their payments, allowing them to receive cash now and continue to receive a portion of their future payments.

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RightWay Funding offers one of the highest on average lump sums for structured settlement payments. We have over 40 years of combined experience in purchasing structured payment streams from a lot of clients just like you. We will take you through the process quickly and gather the information we need to give you the best options that are exclusively customized for your unique situation. Your representative will always be reachable for help or any other information you need to help you with your financial goals. At the end you'll be glad that you made the choice to work with our caring professionals.

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